The Significance of Top SEO Ranks Beyond Clicks

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Plotting your course up to the top would be difficult, notably when you refer to search results. People would spend millions of dollars attempting to scam the system while others toll away, tweaking and making tests in order to go up to the top spot for a search term. Should you have made it, then you would be aware of the time and effort it would take. Being top ranked would contain more responsibilities, over and above dedication to staying in first place and taking care of the onslaught of search traffic. It would also mean that you will be looked to as a leader for the industry. You would need to act like one.

Why The Top Spot Would Be Significant

According to a Google user study, a top Google organic rank would get 18.2 percent of clicks, and then a number 2 spot would get 10.05 percent of the clicks. To ad, most users would pass up on paid search ads. Consumers would now becoe Web savvy. While they are of the understanding that paid ads would be relevant, being atop the results would carry a Google endorsement which would make the results seem important to users.

The next benefit of being at the top of the rankings would come from the business development arena. A lot of potential partners would be actively looking for companies that have a top-ranked endorsement. Such opportunities may be of importantly higher value compared to an individual sale. Top rankings would come with a benefit of inbound business development leads.

Finally, the most beneficial asset of the top rankings would come from more media attention. Producers and journalists perform research, like consumers. A high listing in SERPs would imply you go to the top of the prospect list, at times without knowing.

A Responsibility for Top SERP Rank

One massively undervalued point of SEO would come from the brand legitimacy that would be carried with being atop SERPs. The focus of SEO would typically be to acquire more awareness traffic, or conversions, it would rarely be meant to position or put up a company as a segment leader for a particular product or service. A couple of companies would accidentally find themselves at the top for particular keyword phrases, akin to and in-keeping with the information provided by keyword research platforms such as KeywordSpy.

Such a ranking would mean that you would likely perceived as an industry leader, you need to act accordingly. Initially, you have to understand the difference between the transactional and holistic SEO. Should your view of SEO be transactional (increased awareness, traffic, etc.), then you would be missing out on the bigger payoff linked with higher rankings.

In contrast, a holistic view would imply that you anticipate increased media attention, business development deals, plus conversions. It would be significant to comprehend that there would be precious players who would really benefit the company and you have to act like the industry leader when you get one.

What You Require to Lead

The world of SEO today is to become more content driven. We would be seeing Google assign social signals and authorship higher weight for ranking factors, which would mean that relevant and authoritative content would legitimize pages for keywords relating to the niche.

In very simple terms, an industry leading site for SERPs would be constantly making very valuable content for the user base, whether it would be through a checklist, a white paper, infographic or a webinar.

When your potential partners go to your site, they would require information to comprehend the company’s model, growth rate plus future plans. You need to make it easy for them to convince the other business leaders and stakeholders regarding the credibility of the business.

Media outlets are also going to look to you to comment regarding industry news and trends. Possessing information particularly directed to press outlets need to be available and findable.

The press section has to not be an afterthought, rather a centerpiece. It also has to be prominently promoted and be a resume of the success of the company. It also has to include image assets plus logos the media would welcome to grab and use.

Think of the indicators one can put on the site to confirm the inclinations that you would be the industry leader, based on the ranking. These may be things like trust marks, customer reviews, videos plus certifications, all of which would further the endorsement of Google for the product or service.

Being the top would be more than clickthroughs. The goal of SEO would be the same as it has constantly been: Create good products and content, plus make them findable. You should not let a lack of credibility or continued focus on the rankings of Google prevent you from being viewed as a true leader for the industry.

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